Planche(s) contact, promoting creation residences and public orders, believes in the exploration and capture of the identity factors of a city. Year after year, the invited photographers observe Deauville and share their unique perspective. Discover the photographers invited to discover Deauville, from October 21st to November 26th, 2017.

© Cyril ZANNETTACCI, 2009


From Africa Fantôme to Polar Siberia, from the collective flats of Saint Petersburg to Seoul, and up to the borders of Grand Paris. For her intimate approach, Françoise Huguier is considered a documentary and sociological photographer, focusing on people. Invited to the 8th edition of the Planche(s) Contact Festival, she decided to meet the most modest families of Deauville, a city in which 32% of permanent accommodation is social houses.


Residence dates: from May 9th to 19th, 2017

Françoise Huguier is represented by POLKA gallery

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©Claude NORI

Deauville, dolce vita!
Claude Nori, always travelling from Italian beaches to the Basque Coast, captures images of the dolce vita. His photo-biographical quest concerns Deauville’s seaside and pool atmospheres. His works are nourished by a glance, a smile, the curve of a skirt, happy people, a meeting. It’s so hard and powerful at the same time to capture happiness going by and fading quickly.


Residence dates: from July 17th to 31st, 2017

Claude Nori is represented by POLKA gallery

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© Vasantha Yogananthan

Home Sweet Home
Vasantha Yogananthan belongs to a young generation of photographers that love blurring the lines between reality and fiction. In Deauville, he encounters families that experience the beach for a summer, and rent the seaside cabins. He makes a series of collective portraits with a photographic chamber.


Residence dates: from July 17th to 31st, 2017

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© Rie YAMADA, 2016


Laureate of the Prix de la Fondation Louis Roederer in 2016, Lynda Laird is back in Deauville for a new photographic order and a creation residence. Lynda Laird takes into account the history of Deauville. After focusing on the memory of the Franciscaines site in 2016, this year she is particularly interested to the noticeable traces of the Second World War, still alive in our daily environment, our buildings, and our soul.


Residence dates: from June 12th to 29th

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©Anna Vivante, Laisses de mer, Deauville, 2017


A project conceived by Tina Dassault, curator, and implemented by Anna Vivante, photographer

Laisses de mer

Laisses de mer is a photographic project accurately identifying what is left by the sea on the sand: natural and human-made treasures and miseries. The images, as if they were proofs of sea archaeology, are not retouched. They must remain traces. Just the strict use of black-and-white and the emotions originating by analogue photography can reveal new perspectives.