From Mon 18 September to Fri 22 September - Départ de Deauville

"Blue train": Deauville-Cannes car rally

The “Blue Train” or the First Blue Train 2017, a legendary itinerary from Deauville to Cannes.

About 50 pre-war cars will travel on the Blue Train itinerary. Among the participants, we can mention some Bentleys of course: two wonderful Le Mans Bentley 4½ Litre of 1928, and a Bentley 3-4½ Litre of 1924. Close to these 3 cars, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate a 1938 SS 100 Jaguar and two M45s Lagonda. Further participants are 2 Aston Martin, a 1934 Mk ll and a 2-litre 15/98 sports car, two Riley, a 1935 Riley Sprite which has already proven its worth during the latest Alpine Trial and Flying Scotsman, and a 1938 Riley 16/4 Special. Finally, the passionate for nice cars will also appreciate a 1937 American Cadillac, which has done wonders during the latest Alpine Trial. The 1936 Aero 50 cannot be forgotten either: an extremely rare car that can just be found in the Czech Republic. The participants will start from Deauville to cross Normandy, and reach the Loire castles, the Bourgogne, the Saône and Rhône valleys, then Provence and its lavender fields, to end up in Cannes, on the famous Boulevard de la Croisette.