From Sat 17 June to Sun 31 December - Digue de la Marina de Deauville


Patrick Braoudé shows photos with a strong pictorial look, with no retouch, that may almost be considered impressionist paintings, or even Pointillist paintings sometimes, preserving at the same time the instantaneous capture provided just by photography…it’s “digital Impressionism”…

Before becoming actor and filmmaker, Patrick Braoudé was a photographer. When he received his first camera at the age of 17, he got passionate about photography. Then he suspended this activity for a certain time. And he came back to it with a different approach. The desire to catch movement and be a photographer again was back.
His particular images have a strong pictorial look. The blurred rendering, with saturated colours and no digital retouch, is close to the Impressionistic or Pointillist style. He provides simple photographs representing daily happiness.

“I love observing people on the beach, friends meeting for the weekend, families searching for relaxation, lovers looking for a calm place to stay alone, solitary people focused on thinking…my photos are snapshots of these “spied” lives.
The special light of Normandy, providing to the sea a nuance ranging from green grey to Prussian blue, gives to the beach a yellow of rare gentleness and to the coloured beach umbrellas a sunny brilliance. Some poetic photos…as the storyboard of a film.”

"Les Petits Carrés" are presented at Villa Gypsy, 65 rue des Bains in Trouville.