From Sat 1 April to Sun 5 November - Paléospace Odyssée Villers

Exhibition at the Paléospace: Carnivorous dinosaurs!

The theropods, two-legged carnivorous animals, are the best-known group of dinosaurs. They lived on Earth between 220 and 66 million years ago and currently haunt childhood imagination.

Through this exhibition, you’ll learn to recognize dinosaurs, theropods, their anatomical features, diversity and evolution. You’ll discover the Allosaurus, big predator of the Jurassic period, and the Spinosaurus, a great theropod of the Cretaceous period, the head of the famous Tyrannosaurus, but also smaller dinosaurs covered with feathers. You’ll learn more about their extinction and discover which of their descendants still live on the Earth.
This exhibition also offers some games for children and paper chases for the family.