Fri 19 January - 14:30 - Salle des Fêtes - DEAUVILLE

Choreographic residence: Πολις (Polis) Public show

Starting from the idea of the “city” as an urban, social and legendary place… questioning its foundation and organization process; regardless of whether it is an ancient, modern, working or virtual “city”... »

Adopting an artistic logic reminding the basic principles of the Planche(s) Contact, the photography festival of Deauville, Emmanuel Eggermont and his choreographic team will perform in Deauville a show inspired from the main features of this city.

The choreographic residence of Emmanuel Eggermont is focused on a creation joining in his reflection process about the city and in every single representation the elements nourishing dance and sound. Working in a city, the choreographic writing is full of graphic or historical inspirations.
Emmanuel Eggermont studied contemporary dance at the “Centre national de danse contemporaine d’Angers” (shool year 1999), then participated for three years to the creations of the Spanish choreographer Carmen Werner in Madrid. In 2002, he was invited to Seoul to work on a project combining pedagogy and choreography. Fascinated by this culture, he decided to remain there and created the choreography of several plays. These two years spent in South Corea and the collaboration with Raimund Hoghe (Boléro Variations, Si je meurs laissez le balcon ouvert et L’Après-midi...) were fundamental in his artistic career. (…) He has been developing his choreographic projects since 2007 in Lille at L’Anthracite. Since March 2010, he carries out a research residence at L’L (Bruxelles). In 2014, he was invited to participate to “Sujets à Vif” during the Festival In d’Avignon 2014. Emmanuel Eggermont was the laureate of the scholarship of the Beaumarchais association for “Strange Fruit” created in May 2015 at the FRAC Alsace.