Fri 19 January - 20:30 - Théâtre du Casino Barrière - DEAUVILLE

Cultural Season - Coraly Zahonero - Grisélidis

Touching true words that Coraly Zahonero, member of the Comédie-Française, transformed into an extraordinarily right, moving and distressing one-man-show.

She has the first name of a Perrault tale story heroine and combines an exceptional beauty, an uncommon destiny and a nonstandard personality. Grisélidis Réal, fighting character, has been remarkable during the 1970s, defending prostitutes’ rights. Coraly Zahonero, one of the best swords women of the Comédie-Française adopts her body, hairstyle and make-up, takes her voice, her gesture and becomes Grisélidis: “I can’t stand unfairness and hypocrisy; we must take the truth, look at it and accept it, support it, and explain it”. It should replace hate, scorn, lack of understanding. Grisélidis Réal, revendicating prostitution as a revolutionary act, pours her heart out using real, sometimes lyrical, words. ... They do their own job, as mouses bite in the dark, leaving holes in the wall. She is a unique woman, an uncommon prostitute that this actress, member of the Comédie-Française, reveals to us, making her even more fascinating, more human and more troubling.
After a long fight with the Swiss authorities, Grisélidis Réal, a major figure in the feminist movement, was buried, in 2009, at the Cimetière des Rois (Swiss pantheon), in Geneva, between Borgès, she loved, and Calvin, she hated.

From written and oral texts by Grisélidis Réal
Conception and performance: Coraly Zahonero, of the Comédie-Française
Artistic collaboration: Vicente Pradal
Make-up and hairdressing: Véronique Soulier-Nguyen
Scenery and costumes: Virginie Merlin
Lighting: Jean-Frédéric Béal

Production, diffusion: Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar
Direction: Olivier Meyer