Fri 23 February - 20:30 - Théâtre du Casino Barrière - DEAUVILLE

Cultural Season -Dick Annegarn - In concert

Dick Annegarn, debuting at the end of the 1970s with his blond hair and his Dutch accent, rapidly marked the collective memory. Today, he is, and he will always be, a malicious and ironic singer. He is a passionate artist, extraordinary on stage, transforming his concerts in warm and enjoyable events.

Bruxelles: a song that has become a hymn after the recent terrorist attacks in Bruxelles. We also remember the story of Father Ubu (and mother Ubu) and the malicious story of Mireille la mouche… Today, Dick Annegarn is twist. Twist: like the title of his first album. The radiant and cheerful album of an always inspired, creative and appealing author-composer-interpreter. Malicious, light and serious songs were performed by a nomad and world citizen artist. Dick Annegarn loves the stage and the audience; he is mischievous, he sings varying the vocal registers, his feet jump, his hands stay in his pockets, his body vibrates. Often, his nimble and unstable arms dance unexpected hand-to-hands with the instrument he is playing, accompanied by three partner musicians… enjoying with him, like us, spectators are seriously and cheerfully fascinated.
In partnership with France Bleu/Normandie

Dick Annegarn
Olivier Koundouno: cello
Christophe Cravero: piano / drums
Jean Pierre Soulès: brass