Fri 26 January - 20:30 - Théâtre du Casino Barrière - DEAUVILLE

Cultural Season - Nathalie Joly - Café Polisson

It tells the habits of that time. Among songs and dances, joys and vices are represented through the art of allusions. An original, never salacious, and always enjoyable show!

This show including various songs and scenery was customized for the Musée d’Orsay during the exhibition titled “Splendeurs et misères, images de la prostitution, 1850-1910”. Nathalie Joly, a singer that performed several recitals of Yvette Guilbert’s songs, is surrounded by two musicians and a dancer. Getting inspiration from the paintings made by Renoir, Manet, Degas or Toulouse Lautrec, she recreates on the stage the colourful universe and the heady scents of the cafés where artists, poets, demi- mondaines, courtesans and ladies of the night used to meet.
“Here, we laugh about passion, evoking oppression and vicissitudes of life that are often less rose than what it seems.” The “Café Polisson" gathers cruel and fun songs telling the vicissitudes of life. The list of songs dates back to the Second Empire and the Belle époque: these songs are taken from operettas, they are naughty or salacious, or original songs of singers-orators… Nathalie Joly, with talent, elegance and also a lot of joy, uses a list of forgotten songs to create a remarkable, fun and sometimes humoristic show.

In collaboration with France Bleu/Normandie

Show created for the Musée d’Orsay for the opening of exhibition “Splendeurs et misères, images de la prostitution 1850-1910”
Text and conception: Nathalie Joly
Staging: Jacques Verzier
Scenery and decoration:
Jean Jacques Gernolle
Costumes: Claire Risterucci
Lighting: Carla Tomé
Sound: Vincent Crenn and Olivier Lagier
General direction: Yann Struillou

Nathalie Joly singing
Jean Pierre Gesbert piano
Carméla Delgado bandoneon
Bénédicte Charpiat dance

Marche la route Production
Sincere thanks to Théâtre du Soleil, Camille Germser, Christophe Dumouchel, Christian Labrande and Gilles Vajou. Film Gaumont all rights reserved.

Songs by Léon Xanrof, Paul De Kock, Harry Fragson, Jules Jouy, Gustave Nadaud, Aristide Bruant, Maurice Rollinat, Maurice Boukay, Léon Xanrof, J. Delettre, R. Lucchesi, Yvette Guilbert, … and some popular songs.