Thu 31 August - 15:00 - Centre Algia

Visit of Algia Water discovery centre

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge about water, its history, from the source to your house, or about its preservation, Algia Water discovery centre is waiting for you!

This area, unique in the region, take you deep into the world of water in a way that combines education and entertainment and is useful to start mastering water management and to better understand the importance of its preservation.

Some interactive treasure hunts are organized to let you discover water under all its forms, from the source to the processing. Then, playing in team, you can assess your knowledge and attitude about water through an interactive television game.

Situated in Touques, within the enclosure of the water treatment plant, this facility shows, more broadly, the investment of “Coeur Côte Fleurie” in terms of environment preservation, especially in terms of quality of bathing waters.