Wed 16 August - 14:00 - Hippodrome de Deauville-Clairefontaine

Guided visit of the Deauville-Clairefontaine racecourse

The Deauville-Clairefontaine racecourse, with traditional Norman buildings, claims to be the only racecourse of the Norman Coast that hosts trotting, jumping and flat races exclusively on grass fields. It has some of the richest flower gardens in France.

It does not only welcomes the athletic achievements of its champions, but it also means free time, discovery, sharing, heritage, initiation, friendliness and many activities and care provided on each day of races to all the public, including children and adults. Some visits are organized to discover the backstage of this racecourse together with a passionate guide. These visits are followed by carriage initiations and end with a free Norman cocktail.