Sat 9 September - 15:30 - Départ du Point de Vue

Guided visits of two exhibitions: "André Hambourg, Ombre & Lumière" and "Terres d'inspiration"

During exhibitions "André Hambourg, Ombre & Lumière" and "Terres d'inspiration", guided visits are proposed on any opening day in Deauville.

Hambourg’s career is divided into four great periods, reflected into the four sections of the exhibition: Parisian Youth, Maghreb’s sun, War and affliction and, finally, Shining maturity. Among all the destinations appreciated by the painter, four regions are the symbols of his work and the people he met are found throughout this visit: the Parisian region, Maghreb, Provence and Normandy.

In the continuation of the exhibition at the Point de Vue, the doors of the sea cabins will be decorated to propose a walk throughout the places that have so much inspired André Hambourg and are also a source of creation for other artists. Different approaches allow the visitors to discover various artistic points of view of a same place and to get a new image of the Franciscaines collections.
Third great summer event of the Franciscaines – future exchange and culture transmission place of Deauville - the "André Hambourg, Ombre & Lumière" exhibition reveals a small part of the 538 oil on canvas bequeathed to the City of Deauville by Mrs. Nicole Hambourg. A two-step exhibition, including a journey toward the artist’s favourite destinations and then, the discovery on the doors of the beach cabins situated on the Boardwalk of Deauville of almost thirty reproductions of works representing places inspiring André Hambourg. These places are interpreted by other artists, and come from the Franciscaines’ collections, whose opening is scheduled for 2019.

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